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Hi I am Paul Mason  I started in radio back in eighties  on solar radio. Playing soul jazz funk in pirate days I joined  Cruise FM for while  as Internet  radio station  then I joined  jazz juice radio a great friend of mine Frank Toohy.  Now I am on Krystal Radio  playing best of soul jazz funk house  and new independent music  you cancatch me Monday 7.00 till 9.00 in evening every week


Hi I am Roy Logan

I Currentley am a presenter at Krystal Radio and at BHR87.7 for which i play music from the 1970s which as I was a teenager in the 70s

I consider this my era.I love all kinds of music from 60s to blues but i still have a strong spot for the old school rock i listened to in the 1970s. My favourite artists are Lynyrd Skynyrd and american song writer Steve Earle. Even at my age I still love discovering new music and going to see live bands although I prefer to sit these days On Friday From 6:00pm

I`m Tony Stratton,
this year is 25 years
since my first
radio show, that
I did on Eastgate FM.

Since 2000 I`ve
been a presenter
on Krystal Radio.
I have varied taste

in music from
Madness to
The Dualers to
George Ezra to
am Ryder. On Krystal Radio nowadays I`m paired up with Jeremy Suffolk my co host on Basildon Hospital Radio BHR87.7 (Which I`ve been on for 11 years this year) 

Hope you enjoy what you hear from us? Don`t forget you can request songs by contacting 
Tony Stratton

                                                    Hi I am Jim Stevens

                                                    In the seventies, I


                                                    broadcasting on a

                                                    hospital radio

                                                    station in Surrey

                                                    and one of my

                                                    shows won the

                                                    NAHBO national

                                                    competition for

                                                    best hospital radio programme along ith my co-presenter Steve Jarrett. Among the judges were DJ & TV presenter Noel Edmonds and newsreader Richard Baker. I also started recording interviews with many celebrities, including DJ Johnnie Walker and comedy legends Morecambe & Wise. One of my favourite memories of hospital radio was presenting a live 'Juke Box Jury' in front of an audience with a celebrity panel including singers Helen Shapiro and Rob Davis of the band Mud. 

I now really enjoy presenting my weekly Happy Hour show on various British and international FM & internet radio services. They are all a very friendly bunch and they’ve got talent oozing out of their studios!


Ari here. Bringing you the best rock and metal for krystal radio every Friday night for the Rock Hour!

I have been a rocker since my early teens, played in several thrash metal bands with friends and now giving my try on doing a radio show. I have not been in radio for as long as most here but my 8 years doing rock shows online and FM have been the most enjoyable years.

Tune in to Krystal Radio on a Friday night From 9pm to hear me bring the metal on the airwaves.


Hi Danny here I have been in radio over 40 years working at a variety of radio stations

and brings a great show of 60s and 70s to krystal radio.

I have worked in the radio sector in both Commercial and Community radio.  Over the last few years I have been involved in the administration side of the business.  Dealing with license bids as well as funding bids, also giving advice to others who are working in the same area.


I joined the CMA as a Director to help develop ideas within the Community radio sector.

So join me Danny Lawrence every Wednesday at 6PM with a great collection of 60s and 70s here Krystal Radio

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